Checks condition if exception was raised.

@deal.reason(ZeroDivisionError, lambda a, b: b == 0)
def divide(a, b):
    return a / b

It works the same for generators and async functions.


This is the @deal.ensure for exceptions. It works perfect when it’s easy to check correctness of conditions when exception is raised.

For example, if function index_of returns index of the first element that equal to the given element and raises LookupError if element is not found, we can check that if LookupError is raised, element not in the list:

@deal.reason(LookupError, lambda items, item: item not in items)
def index_of(items: List[int], item: int) -> int:
    for index, el in enumerate(items):
        if el == item:
            return index
    raise LookupError