Source code for deal._cli._decorate

from __future__ import annotations

from argparse import ArgumentParser
from pathlib import Path

from .._colors import get_colors
from ..linter import TransformationType, Transformer
from ._base import Command
from ._common import get_paths

[docs]class DecorateCommand(Command): """Add decorators to your code. ```bash python3 -m deal decorate project/ ``` Options: + `--types`: types of decorators to apply. All are enabled by default. + `--double-quotes`: use double quotes. Single quotes are used by default. + `--nocolor`: do not use colors in the console output. The exit code is always 0. If you want to test the code for missed decorators, use the `lint` command instead. """ @staticmethod def init_parser(parser: ArgumentParser) -> None: parser.add_argument( '--types', nargs='*', choices=[tt.value for tt in TransformationType], default=sorted(tt.value for tt in TransformationType), help='types of decorators to apply', ) parser.add_argument( '--double-quotes', action='store_true', help='use double quotes', ) parser.add_argument('--nocolor', action='store_true', help='colorless output') parser.add_argument('paths', nargs='*', default='.') def __call__(self, args) -> int: types = {TransformationType(t) for t in args.types} colors = get_colors(args) for arg in args.paths: for path in get_paths(Path(arg)): self.print('{magenta}{path}{end}'.format(path=path, **colors)) original_code = path.read_text(encoding='utf8') tr = Transformer( content=original_code, path=path, types=types, ) if args.double_quotes: tr = tr._replace(quote='"') modified_code = tr.transform() if original_code == modified_code: self.print(' {blue}no changes{end}'.format(**colors)) else: path.write_text(modified_code) self.print(' {green}decorated{end}'.format(**colors)) return 0