Source code for deal._exceptions

from __future__ import annotations

import sys
from pathlib import Path
from types import TracebackType
from typing import Any

from ._cached_property import cached_property
from ._colors import COLORS, NOCOLORS, highlight
from ._source import get_validator_source
from ._state import state

ROOT = str(Path(__file__).parent)

def exception_hook(etype: type[BaseException], value: BaseException, tb: TracebackType | None):
    """Exception hook to remove deal from the traceback for ContractError.
    if not issubclass(etype, ContractError):
        return _excepthook(etype, value, tb)

    # try to reduce traceback by removing `deal` part
    patched_tb: TracebackType | None = tb
    prev_tb = None
    while patched_tb:
        path = patched_tb.tb_frame.f_code.co_filename
        if path.startswith(ROOT) and prev_tb is not None:
            prev_tb.tb_next = None
        prev_tb = patched_tb
        patched_tb = patched_tb.tb_next
        # cannot find deal in the trace, leave it as is
        patched_tb = tb

    return _excepthook(etype, value, patched_tb)

_excepthook = sys.excepthook
sys.excepthook = exception_hook

[docs]class ContractError(AssertionError): """The base class for all errors raised by deal contracts. """ message: str errors: Any | None validator: Any params: dict[str, Any] origin: object | None def __init__( self, message: str = '', errors=None, validator=None, params: dict[str, Any] | None = None, origin: object | None = None, ) -> None: self.message = message self.errors = errors self.validator = validator self.params = params or {} self.origin = origin args = [] if message: args.append(message) if errors: args.append(errors) super().__init__(*args) @cached_property def source(self) -> str: """The raw unformatted source code of the validator. """ if self.validator is None: return '' source = get_validator_source(self.validator) if source: return source if hasattr(self.validator, '__name__'): return self.validator.__name__ return repr(self.validator) @cached_property def colored_source(self) -> str: """The colored source code of the validator. """ return highlight(self.source) @cached_property def variables(self) -> str: """Formatted variables passed into the validator. """ sep = ', ' colors = COLORS if not state.color: colors = NOCOLORS tmpl = '{blue}{k}{end}={magenta}{v}{end}' params = [] for k, v in self.params.items(): v = repr(v) if len(v) > 20: continue params.append(tmpl.format(k=k, v=v, **colors)) return sep.join(params) def __str__(self) -> str: result = self.message if not result and self.errors: result = repr(self.errors) if not result and self.source: result = 'expected ' if state.color: result += self.colored_source else: result += self.source if self.variables: result += f' (where {self.variables})' return result
class PreContractError(ContractError): """The error raised by `deal.pre` for contract violation. """ class PostContractError(ContractError): """The error raised by `` for contract violation. """ class InvContractError(ContractError): """The error raised by `deal.inv` for contract violation. """ class ExampleContractError(ContractError): """The error raised by `deal.example` for contract violation. `deal.example` contracts are checked only during testing and linting, not at runtime. """ class RaisesContractError(ContractError): """The error raised by `deal.raises` for contract violation. """ class ReasonContractError(ContractError): """The error raised by `deal.reason` for contract violation. """ class MarkerError(ContractError): """The base class for errors raised by `deal.has` for contract violation. """ class OfflineContractError(MarkerError): """The error raised by `deal.has` for networking markers violation. The networking can be allowed by markers `io`, `network`, and `socket`. """ class SilentContractError(MarkerError): """The error raised by `deal.has` for printing markers violation. The printing can be allowed by markers `io`, `print`, `stdout`, and `stderr`. """ class NoMatchError(Exception): """The error raised by `deal.dispatch` when there is no matching implementation. "No matching implementation" means that all registered functions raised `PreContractError`. """ __module__ = 'deal' def __init__(self, exceptions: tuple[PreContractError, ...]) -> None: self.exceptions = exceptions def __str__(self) -> str: return '; '.join(str(e) for e in self.exceptions) # Patch module name to show in repr `deal` instead of `deal._exceptions` for cls in ContractError.__subclasses__(): cls.__module__ = 'deal' for cls in MarkerError.__subclasses__(): cls.__module__ = 'deal'